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AQARÁ was born in the land of Andean agaves,

at 2,256 meters above sea level.

We are nestled between mountain ranges and fed by glacier waters of the Tropical Andes.

An initiative of CHOPIN SAC.

Ancla La tierra

Hidden in the Peruvian Andes, between White and Black Mountain Ranges, you will find CARAZ, our mother land.

Its name comes from the Quechua word "Qaaray", which means "place of Agaves".

Our land is fertile, mountainous and majestic, with rich soils watered by Andean rains from which unique flavors emerge.

Our bottles carry freshly water from the same glaciers that feed the turquoise waters of Lagoon Parón —the largest in the Huascarán National Park—, located just 30 kilometers from our distillery site at 4,178 meters above the sea. 

Ancla El Agua

The agave plant has been part of the natural landscape of the Andes for thousands of years, withstanding severe climatic conditions and tolerating poor and shallow soils.

In these areas, agaves have been asleep for myriad years waiting for its people to discover them and enjoy the intrinsic benefits they provide.

Harvested before it produces a once-in-a-lifetime inflorescence event, our agave changes its destiny as our people transform fields of mature agave into a beautiful spirit that pays tribute to its place of origin, allowing it to live forever in our memories.

Ancla El Agave
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Plazuela de la Merced, Barrio Yanachaca 

Casona Lara

Caraz, Huaraz, Perú

AQARÁ is an initiative of CHOPIN SAC

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